The UCAA's Karate classes for kids are specifically designed to teach them the art of Karate in a
safe, controlled & fun environment. Unlike most other martial arts classes we do not believe that
Adults and Children should be training together and learning the same martial arts syllabus.  A child
learning football does not train with the senior football team and martial arts training should be the
same.  That is why, at UCAA Karate, we focus on the learning needs of the children and the syllabus
reflects that.  The syllabus for the under 12's and 12-17 year olds is also different.  
UCAA Karate for 5-8 & 8-12 year olds

Classes for 5 year olds up take place on a Saturday
morning at 9.00am - 9.45am.  

New students are always welcome!

UCAA Martial Arts Centre, Ballybay Road, Monaghan

Classes for 8-12 year olds take place on:

Mondays & Thursdays 4.15pm - 5.10pm.

New Students are always welcome!
The main aim of the UCAA Karate Kids is to help your child improve in the 10 General Physical Skills, which are:

1: Cardiovascular endurance
2: Stamina
3: Strength
4: Flexibility
5: Power

Being adept in the 10 general physical skills will help your child no matter what sport or physical activity they are
taking part in now or may start sometime in the future.

Also, given the nature of the martial art your child will be learning, they will gain confidence, respect, discipline and
have an understanding of how to protect themselves should the need ever arise.  
6: Speed
7: Co-ordination
8: Agility
9: Balance
10: Accuracy
Classes are taught by Grandmaster Damian Kierans 7th Dan.  Grandmaster Kierans is a Health Related Activity
for Children Specialist, has completed the basic awareness course in child protection and is Garda Vetted.
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